About Us

Light Petrol Ltd. was established in London in 2014 with the sole aim to utilize existing connections in order to become a leading company in the market of petroleum products in the EU. We specialize in the purchase & sale of petroleum products, wholesale and retail with a keen bias toward price and quality, both of product and service. Our existing customer base has allowed us to negotiate beneficially prices with refineries in the EU and will allow us to keep our competitive edge.

Our Services

Wholesale Sourcing

Due to our sourcing techniques purchasing power, whether You are purchasing from Us wholesale or retail, We are able to offer flexible pricing in line with consumption and payment. We specialize in the Purchase & Sale of Gasolines, Euro Diesel, LPG & Jet Fuel, (other products available on request such as Motor Oils).


Light Petrol has specially contracted for transportation vehicles for light fuel , LPG , fuel oil and jet fuel in various capacities - from 10 to 40 cc . Each tank properly equipped with a calibrated counter to the requirements of agencies within the EU.

Quality Control

Light Petrol guarantees the verification of all incoming batches of fuel as per the terms of our sales contracts, We recheck the fuel from each tank before starting the delivery to You our end customer. The quality of our service and the timely deliveries are also carefully monitored, We operate a simplified administrative system for orders and fuel transportation begins within 24 hours of completed purchase.

Oil Prices